I have been a programmer since 1979. I have been a web programmer since 1998. I have worked in educational programming for the last 8 years. I just completed a GIST Masters program at the University of Arizona.

I am an avid photographer.

I have a blog about amateur biology.

I run the Ubuntu server that hosts this site. Some of the other sites I host:


Worked at Science Approach for over 8 years as a programmer and web, e-learning, and mobile application developer.

If you wish to explore some of the completed labs, use the link below and then log in using:

  • Username: billsdemo
  • Password: demo4You=
Click the 'ENTER' button to go to the E-Learning Center. Uses a Java app so Java needs to be installed and upgraded on your computer.

Playing with Cesium

Developed for my GIST Masters

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